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The Farm Store is open on Saturday from 8-4 and by appointment. We always say if we're home we're open...but please call ahead!


Craft fair schedule!

NCS at the Sussex County Fairgrounds Conservatory

Saturday November 22nd from 10-4

St. Joseph's School on Halstead Street in Newton

Saturday December 6th from 10-4


The Fairgrounds Farmer's market continues until November 22nd! It's Saturdays from 9-2, so visit us there for soap, canned goods, honey and lotion!


She's just one hour old!
Sukey with kid

It's not too early to reserve your kid for next spring! Prices start at $200. A deposit of $50 will hold your choice!




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We are pleased to be a destination spot for the NJ Audubon for eco-agritourism trips.

DanaRay Farm
DanaRay Farm


So have you ever wondered why some some eggs are white shelled and some some or brown shelled?The domestic chicken is believed to be descended from the red jungle fowl, a pheasant type bird from Northern India. This birds lays about twenty beige colored eggs a year. As the chicken spread around the world different people decided they wanted different things from this bird. Generally speaking the breeds of chickens developed around the Mediterranean Sea lay white shelled eggs, lay a lot of eggs, are thinner and have large combs and waddles. These birds lived in a warm climate and were used almost exclusively for egg production where they didn’t need extra padding to survive a cold winter, in fact they wanted all their energy to go into making eggs, not storing fat. The larger combs and waddles were considered attractive. While those breeds from Northern Europe lay brown shelled eggs, lay fewer eggs, are plumper and have smaller combs and waddles. In the colder climates you would need a plumper hen to make it through the winter, while the smaller comb and waddle would give it a greater chance of escaping winter without getting frostbite. These birds were also considered dual purpose, being used equally for egg production and meat. Why one group wanted white shells and the other wanted brown shells on their chicken’s eggs I don’t know, but they did and they bred them for those colors.

The modern White Leghorn is a small, skinny active hen that lays more than 300 large white shelled eggs a year. You only have to feed a 3 pound bird to get eggs and this is the reason most commercial operations use Leghorn chickens and therefore sell white eggs. While most hens that lay brown shelled eggs lay between 220-250 eggs a year, they weigh about 4 ½ to 6 pounds, so you’re feeding a much bigger bird to get fewer eggs, which is why you see fewer commercial operations use breeds such as Red Comets and ISA Reds. These are the three breeds we have in our flock…so that’s why when you open a dozen of our eggs you’ll see some with white shells and some with brown shells. I’ve always been tempted to get some Araucana hens…how would you all feel about blue and olive green shelled eggs?


Livestock, Meats, Eggs and Honey

Yes our hens are free range!
And the pigs too!



Registered Alpine Dairy Goats. If you have the place and the dedication to keep a couple of goats they will reward you with their companionship and their delicious milk.

Registered Alpine Dairy Goats; Bucks, Milking Does and Kids starting at $200.00. Stud Service $35.00 and up.


Pasture Raised Pork. We will be selling market hogs by the half, custom butchered to your preference. Our pigs are raised on quality, natural grains, goat milk, pasture, and the leftovers from our produce gardens.


 Brown and White Eggs from Pastured Hens. We offer large eggs from true pastured hens year round. We believe, and our customers agree, that our eggs are some of the best tasting eggs you’ll ever try. $4.50 dozen.


White Midget Turkeys. White Midget Turkeys are a heritage breed of turkey that (as the name indicates) are rather small. A full-grown tom will weigh about 20 pounds and a hen about 13 pounds with a harvest weight of about 10 pounds. We are still working on increasing our breeding flock but we may have our first turkeys available for Thanksgiving 2013. 


Raw Honey. Local honey is the best thing for allergies…and yes we do have hives on our property for pollination as well as honey production. Pound $8.



Jake, the REAL owner of DanaRay Farm

Hard working women!

Real pastured poultry!

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